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Many of us go out to the store and buy a graphing calculator, then when we get home, we wonder what next? The purpose of these tutorials is the answer that question!
This first step is not necessary. The only purpose of step 1 is to graph the original function. If you only want to draw the graph of the inverse of the function skip to steps 2 and 3  
Step 1) Graph a function as you would normally
  • Click on the 'y=' button and then type any math function (we will use y = x² +2x +1 in our example)
  • Press the graph button and you will see the function graphed (in our case a parabola's graph )

  • Step 2) To graph the inverse of whatever function is currently graphed. Press the following sequence of buttons
    • 2nd button (on top left of graphing calculator)
    • the 'DRAW' button which is immediately under the STAT in the TI-83 and TI-84 (at this point you should see the image on the right)
    • Scroll down to 8 "DrawInv" which of course stands for drawing the inverse of the function

    Step 3)
  • press 'enter'
  • Enter the function whose inverse you want to draw, which for us is this equation of a parabola :y =x² + 2x +1

  • Press 'enter' then hit 'graph' to see the graph!
    To clear the graph of an inverse from your Ti 's graph screen , press the following four buttons
  • 2nd
  • Draw
  • 1
  • enter

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