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How to convert use Degrees and Minutes

Many of us go out to the store and buy a graphing calculator, then when we get home, we wonder what next? The purpose of these tutorials is the answer that question!
This tutorial will use the problem below to illustrate how to work with degrees and minutes with the calculator. All TI calculators (that I know about) allow you to converte between degrees and minutes/Seconds. The problem below asks for the answers in minutes and assumes that you are familiar with sine, cosine, tangent as well as inverse sine, cosine and tangent  
Given sinθ = .341, express θ in degrees and minutes  
Step 1) Press 2nd sin
Step 2) enter .341

Step 3) 2nd Angle
Step 4)Scroll to DMS which stands for Degrees Minutes and Seconds
Step 5) Press Enter
Viola, your goold old TI Graphing Calculator came to the rescue:
This angle is 19 degrees 56 minutes and 16.12 seconds  

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